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Futures Fins RWC Longboard Fin Set 2+1


Fin Set 
2 side bite plus 1 center fin You Choose the size

Futures is extremely proud to bring a brand new material to market! RWC or Reclaimed Wood Composite is the first of its kind and is made up of 30% reclaimed wood that would have ended up in local landfills. RWC is an environmentally conscious product that requires no new trees to be cut down. The material is formulated and produced in the United States, and the final product is produced in Huntington Beach, California, allowing for a huge reduction of the overall carbon footprint. 

As outdoor enthusiasts we enjoy escaping the 9-5 in exchange for some of the most remote locations on the planet. This strong bond with the outdoors motivates us to reduce our impact on the locations we love so much. 

The SB1 sidebite now in RWC, will add stability to your longboard, improving hold along the face of the wave. Available as a pair, these fins are built with 4º of cant. 

With performance not to be forgotten, the weight of the fin has been reduced by 30% while still maintaining the characteristics that the fin is known for.

Side Fins
Area 10.77
Height 3.57
Base 3.91


6 inch Center Fin
Area 20.03
Height 6.02
Base 4.59


7 inch Center Fin
Area 25.50
Height 7.00
Base 4.82


8 inch Center Fin
Area 20.03
Height 6.02
Base 4.59






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