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Apex 1:1 Table Top Clear Epoxy


Apex Epoxy is formulated for Table Top, Bar Top, Counter Top and Resin Art applications. It provides an extremely clear, tough, high gloss surface coating with improved UV resistance to reduce yellowing from UV exposure.

There is no strong odor when working with Apex Epoxy, but it is always recommended to wear protective gear when using as it is irritating to skin. Remember to always keep it out of the reach of children.
2 gallons will cover approximately 64 square feet, or about 3 to 4oz per square foot at 1/8” depth. For increased depth and added uv protection 2 applications are preferred.
* Self Leveling
* UV resistant
* Low VOC
* 35 to 45 Minutes of working time (depending on temperatures, Ideal is 70 deg.) * 8 hours dries to light touch
* Hardens in 24 hours
* 30 days for complete cure

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