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Sealant Tape Yellow-30ft Roll SM-5144


SM 5144 TAKY-TAPE Is a sealant tape developed for use in vacuum bagging. This product has been formulated to outperfom all tapes in its class.
Initial tack is great and it will maintain an air-seal during the cure cycle, then strip clean from the mold during de-bagging.
This tape has an optimum cure temperature range of room temperature to 425°F(205 °C)
  • Easy to apply by hand (User frendly)
  • Ideal for over or autoclave cure
  • Uses include:debulking/compacting,envelope bagging,resin damming, or as pressure strip
  • Has been show to survive 30 debulking cycles
  • Room temperature to 425 (218) cure cycles
  • Strips clean from tool surfaces
  • Good adhesive to varius films and tool surfaces
  • Non-Hazardus


Aplication Temperature Range: 45°F (7°C) to 120°F (49°C)
Service Temperature Range: Room temperature to 425°F (218°C)


Apply by hand to a clean dry tool or platen with release paper on top. When the sealant is in position remove the release paper and lay the film on top.

Apply presure by hand or roller on the sealant to obtain maximum adhesion and to ensure positive vacuum. It is recommended to strip below 150°F (66 °C) to minimize or reduce the parts from becoming warped. SM 5144 can be striped without leaving a residue on metal tool surfaces that have been cooled to room temperature.