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Aerialite Surfboard Fabrics - Fiberglass Source

Aerialite Surfboard Fabrics

A perfect finish for an endless summer

Since its inception, Aerialite® fabrics have raised the bar for high-performance surf glass. The only fabric developed by board builders, Aerialite took two years of research and development to perfect. The result is a fabric that ensures the high quality look and finish that surfers expect.

What’s so Special about Aerialite?
Aerialite fabrics are specifically designed to provide superior handling and cleanliness to insure a smooth manufacturing process from start to finish. Because of BGF’s new proprietary processing, Aerialite® fabric exhibits improved wetout and clarity which increases laminate strength and provides a smoother whiter surface to make graphics stand out above the rest.

The Aerialite product line consists of standard “E” glass or high strength “S” glass fabrics sold in a variety of weights, constructions and widths.

Surfboards made from “E” glass fabrics are produced in standard or warp enhanced constructions. The fabric is balanced and wets out well for typical glassing applications

Boards made from high strength “S” Glass® fabrics are used by competitive riders for its added strength, durability and light weight characteristics. These same S-2 glass fabrics are also used by the US Military for ballistic protection in armored vehicles and vests. That is why the world’s most competitive surfers choose Aerialite S-2 glass fabrics from BGF, the largest consumer of S-2 Glass® fiber in the world.

Want to learn more about BGF high-strength Arialite Surfboard Fabrics? Click here.

BGF offers an assortment of styles, each offering unique physical properties – which help you meet the meticulous requirements of the surfboard industry. Chances are, if you’re a champion surfer, you’re riding on a board made with Aerialite.

Style Width Construction Weight
1521 25″, 27″, 30″ 30 x 18 4 Oz Warp Enhanced
1522 25″, 27″, 30″ 24 x 22 4 Oz Standard
7537 25″, 27″, 30″ 18 x 22 5 Oz “6/4 Combo”
7533 27″, 30″ 18 x 18 6 Oz Standard
7534 27″, 30″ 24 x 14 6 Oz Warp Enhanced
7532 30″, 38″ 16 x 14 7 Oz Fins
6522 25″, 27″, 30″ 24 x 22 4 Oz S Glass
6533 27″, 30″ 18 x 18 6 Oz S Glass

All Aerialite fabrics are processed with BGF’s proprietary A218 finish.

Aerialite is manufactured only in the United States of America.

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