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Vacuum Bagging Film 36" HS-8171 Lay-Flat Tube

$12.50 USD

HS 8171 High Co-Extruded High Temperature Nylon 6 Bagging Film

HS8171 is a green tinted, transparent, heat stabilized, blown Nylon 6 vacuum bagging film. HS8171 is recommended for vacuum bagging applications up to 400°F (204°C).
HS8171 is recommended for advanced composites and other high temperature applications where softness and workability are required. HS8171 has excellent heat stability and resistance to
pin-holing. HS8171 can be heat seemed to fabricate custom shaped bags.


Color                                                   Green
Tensile Strength                                  14,000 psi               ASTM D-882
Elongation                                            > 400%                  ASTM D-882
Maximum use Temperature                 400°F (204°C) 
Standard thickness is                              .002 

The above values are "Typical Values" which have a nominal range about them and are not intended for specification purposes.

Lay-flat Tube
Roll Width:36"
Film Gauge: .002" 
Roll Length: 500'

Full Rolls Current Lead time 11 weeks