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Peel Ply 60 inch Wide

$9.79 USD

Peel plies are high quality but inexpensive and developed for applications such as resin infusion and hand lay-up. Peel plies assist or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading composite laminate.

Peel Ply Red Pinstripe White, medium weight, nylon peel ply with red pinstripe, which strips cleanly and quickly from most commercial resin systems.


• Peel plies strip off of cured laminates leaving a fine textured surface, reducing time spent hand finishing.
• Lower cost fabric reduces overall cost of vacuum bag process materials.
• Drapable weave style can be applied over multiple cured surfaces easily.

Maximum use temperature 400°F (204°C).
Fibre type nylon 
Weight 2.3oz/yd2    80(g/m2)
Color White / Red Pinstripe
Shelf life Unlimited when stored in original packaging at 22°C


Per Yard (Cut to length) Less than 10 yards will ship folded -same day shipping