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Breather 60" A 3000-4

$7.15 USD

A 3000 -4 Is stratchable non-woven polyester felt with drapeability enabling it to conform closely to the contours of your part.
The multidirectional strentch, combined with a low density lightweight construction, makes A 3000-4 a highly efficient bleeder or breather.
A 3000-4 Does not contain any binders which could close off air flow and stick to parts or other components.
A 3000-4 will conduct air at 50 PSI (3.5 bars) for prolonged cure cycles and in complex contours.
A 3000-4 Is not a release fabric .When used in conjunction with uncured materials, we recomended a release film be used against the detail being cured.
A 3000-4 Is non toxic, non-corrosive,non-dusting and non-allergic.
Orders of less than 5 yards will be folded. More info See Shipping Page