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Surfboard Finishing Resin



 32737 Gloss resin is a clear finishing resin designed specifically for surfacing surfboards, sailboards, boats, etc. This resin has wax which helps cure in air to a hard, tack-free, moisture-resistant surface.

Gloss resin is non-air-inhibited and light stabilized. It is rigid, with low reactivity, low viscosity, and pre-promoted to cure at room temperature with the addition of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide

Gloss resin was wax added and needs to be sanded after each coat, designed for top coat or "finish coat applications.
Gloss resin has a 13 minute working time @ 77 deg.


  • Contains a surfacing agent
  • UV-stabilized
  • Specially promoted
  • Manufactured using statistical process and quality controls


  • Cures to a hard, tack-free surface
  • Minimal yellowing
  • Transparent, water-white cured color
  • Long get time to allow removal of brush marks
  • Consistent performance, batch-to-batch

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