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Q-Cel Lightweight Filler



Q-Cel 300, lightweight filler, hollow inorganic microspheres with exceptional whiteness and low bulk density The primary function of a filler is to reduce resin usage, but Q-Cel can also reduce density

Q-Cel products reduce density, improve processing and flow, increase filler loading, reduce shrinkage, improves sand ability and machining qualities, offers sound thermal insulation while reducing cost per part by replacing expensive resin.
Suited for many applications, including fiberglass reinforced plastics, urethane foams,
putties, cultured marble and adhesives.
The addition of hollow spheres to fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), epoxy, compounds, and urethane
castings can provide weight reduction cost savings and improved impact resistance. Insulating features
of hollow spheres also work to the chemists’ advantage in thermal shock and heat transfer areas.m

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