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Softie FlexPad Sanding Pad

$35.00 USD

Softie  is a Super Soft Density Blue Foam: The Very Flexible Blue Foam Pad is used for Sanding surfboard foam and machined surfboard production blanks. It is by far the softest machine shaping pad made today. It can be used for taking planer tear and shaping machine ridge out quickly. Use this pad slow 750 RPM is Suggested.


The standard Flexpad hub , is a 5/8-11 female thread which is usually used in the United States and on American made machines.8 inch Flexpad is the standard size used in the Surfboard Industry for sanding surfboards. With a bigger area, the 8 inch pad covers more area when sanding. Making large jobs faster to complete .


The 6 inch FlexPad offers a smaller area to sand with. Excellent for ding repair or sanding around fins. With the smaller surface area of the 6 inch pad, you can use it in tighter areas when you wouldn’t normally be able to use a 8 inch flexpad.