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1.25" x 2" Wide x 4" Radius Aluminum Roller - 562A12520R04

$17.16 USD

1.25" x 2" Wide x 4" Radius Aluminum Radius Roller - 562A12520R04

These Radius rollers are exclusive to ES Manufacturing

Heavy duty frames that support the roller at both ends for superior wet out, force evenly applied to rounded corners

When pressure is applied to these rollers, force is evenly applied to the laminate area

Solid aluminum styles are 3.8 lbs/foot to reduce labor while rolling out

No other roller can roll out large panes and surfaces as fast or as easy as these rollers

All Laminating rollers come with our best ferrule reinforced handle

Phillips screw for sealed threads & roller retention

Collared retention for long life and reduced resin contamination

Strong, 1/4" (6.5mm) galvanized frames for long life

Steel ferrule reinforced to eliminate crackling when extensions are used