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1/2 " Chopped Strand Fiberglass Fibers

$7.70 USD

Chopped strand are E-Glass fibers that have been chopped into 1/2" lengths. They are easily handled and added to a polyester or urethane resin system to impart strength.

For polyester systems, chopped strand can be used to strengthen edges or corners. Impact, tensile, compressive and flexural can be increased through the addition of chopped strand. Cabosil or fiberglass flock should be added as a thickening agent to the system in order to prevent running of the liquid resin.

APPLICATIONS: In addition to being used as a resin filler in polyester, many of our clients have been successful using this product to impart strength in urethane systems. Because the chopped strand fibers will float, it is best to use fillite in the system to thicken the liquid and prevent fiber floatation. It is not recommended to use cabosil as a thickening agent in urethane, as it is an easy way for moisture to enter the system and cause unwanted air bubbles.

Chopped strand is also added to increase the strength of plaster. In the production of plaster mother molds or cast figures, the inherent brittle nature of plaster can be avoided by adding chopped E glass fibers for strength.