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1.5 oz Chopped Strand Mat - 6 inch Wide



M723 is a medium-fine fiber, rapid wetting chopped strand mat that is composed of multi compatible saline sized chopped glass fibers, bonded together with a small amount of highly soluble polyester powder binder. glass fiber.

Combines the excellent mechanical and electrical properties of

traditional E-glass with the acid resistance of E-CR glasses.


M723 can be used for

• Matched Metal Die wet molding

• Open mold applications requiring highly conformable mat

Fiberglass Mat, also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM for short, is user friendly, and can build thickness quickly on your parts, mold, and repair projects. Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat is a non-woven material typically used for laminate build-up and repair work. It consists of glass fibers laid randomly across each other and held together by a chemical binder that is dissolved by styrene monomer. Polyester resin is the preferred resin when using Chopped Strand Mat, polyester resin is styrene based and quickly dissolves the adhesive binder used to manufacture fiberglass chop strand mat.

Note: Epoxy resin is not styrene based and is not designed to dissolve the binder on Chopped Strand Mat.

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