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5'10" RP US Blanks - Fish Blank

$84.70 USD

In-Store Pick-Up ONLY


This is a versatile blank with enough volume to accommodate multiple styles of surfboard, but it was inspired by input from the famed “Fish Fry” events attended worldwide. It was designed for the modern hand shaper but modified for machine shapes. It easily nets 5’10” deck measurement with high performance rockers and thickness profiles. With research and development conducted from Africa to Japan, the 5’10” RP integrates input from many of surf designs most experienced minds. I utilize this blank with 4” of center removed for our vision of the high performance fish.Designed by

  • Overall Bottom Length: 5’11 1/4” 
  • Tip-to-Tip Deck Length: 5’10 3/4” 
  • Max Width: 24 7/8” 
  • Max Thickness: 2 15/16” 
  • Displacement: 1.91 ft3 
  • Natural Rocker: 4 5/8”N 1-15/26”T
  • Foam Density : Red (Performance)
  • Stringer :4mm ply