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6'8"A US Blanks - Shortboard Blank

$92.80 USD

In-Store Pick-Up ONLY

 I have listened to many shaper’s feedback over the years with this blank. It nets a 6’6” bottom length. The slightly wider outline allows for board designs ranging from shortboard to fun shapes. The natural rocker is good for vee tail and contour nose type shapes. The Hawaii Rocker to be used for hi-performance styles.Designed by

  • Overall Bottom Length: 6’7 3/4” 
  • Tip-to-Tip Deck Length: 6’7” 
  • Max Width: 21 7/8” 
  • Max Thickness: 2 15/16”
  • Displacement: 1.95 ft3 
  • Natural Rocker: 5 5/16”N 1 3/4”T
  • Foam Density : Red (Performance)
  • Stringer :4mm ply