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Whiteline 7.5oz x 50"E-Cloth 416B - 120 Yards Roll

$632.50 USD

7.5oz x 50" E-Cloth Whiteline 416B Surfboard Fiberglass

  • Brand: Whiteline
  • Style:416B
  • Thickness: 7.5oz per sq yd
  • Width:50 inch
  • Finish:Plain Weave
  • Full Rolls: 120 yds

E-Cloth or Electrical glass (Plain weave) 

Is the most common type of surfboard fiberglass cloth sold, the individual yarns are a 50/50 construction, meaning equal strands going “fill” direction (rail to rail) and “warp” direction (nose and tail).

Strong, ultra clear, user friendly, Whiteline cloth is the standard in the surfboard industry, used by some of the biggest names in surfboard manufacturing.

Woven fiberglass cloth fabrics are very common for marine, surfboard, composite construction and repair. Light weight fiberglass fabric tend to provide a smooth finish, which is ideal in surfboard construction and are also excellent for producing a waterproofing layer over wood or other surfaces when combined with the appropriate resin. When greater strength and overall rigidity is needed, heavier fiberglass cloth fabrics will help to achieve this. All of our fiberglass cloth fabrics are compatible for use with our polyester resins, epoxy resins and vinyl ester resin.

Orders of less than 3 yards will be folded. More info See Shipping Page