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8" Bolt-On Buffing Pad 7503N

$10.45 USD

Bolt On Wool Buffing Pad #7503N  are made with a strong backing construction and reinforced center hub, this Pad can be fastened onto a polishing machine using a Bolt Backing plate.

This buffing pad features aggressive cutting action when is impregnated with fine abrasive compounds without leaving swirl mark.The compound is pressured into the rotating buffing wheel. The buff wheel acts as the carrier of the compound, which ultimately does the surface finishing and produces a bright-luster finish on metal or composites.

Diameter: 8"
Pile Height: 1.5"
Mounting: Bolt On
Material Type: 100% Wool 4ply Twist
Material Color: Natural
Application: Compounding
Suggested RPM: 1750 - 2400

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