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7'1"A US Blanks - Shortboard Blank

$102.23 USD

In-Store Pick-Up ONLY

About 3/16” thinner than the 7’0” A, this can net a 6’11” bottom length. The natural rocker is good for vee in the tail and contoured bottom designs. The Hawaii Rocker to be used for hi-performance styles. I personally like the 7’2EA bottom curve glued up with this one for a flatter deck design. Designed by PAT RAWSON

  • Overall Bottom Length: 7’0 7/8” 
  • Tip-to-Tip Deck Length: 6’11” 
  • Max Width: 22 3/16” 
  • Max Thickness: 3” 
  • Displacement: 2.05 ft3
  • Natural Rocker: 5 11/16”N 2 1/16”T
  • Foam Density : Red (Performance)
  • Stringer :4mm ply