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Power Pad (Red) Medium

$49.50 USD
8" Diameter

This is the Power Pad's medium density sanding pad and has 8" diameter for better sanding coverage resulting in faster sanding time. It is the premier sanding pad used in the surfboard and boating industries.

Power Pad is the leading sanding pad in the Surfing, Marine and Speciality Industries. The tough canvas convex surface allows for superior sanded finishes on glass and delicate surfaces.

Power Pad is available in :
1.) Soft, used to sand glass and delicate surfaces at 3000 rpm's max.
2.) Medium, used to level sand surfaces at 4000 rpm's max.
3.) Hard, used to strip and sand hard spots level at 5000 rpm's max.
Power Pad come's with a 5/8" Hub for U.S. threaded Power Tools and 14 mm for Overseas threaded Power Tools.