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Apex 3-Min Pot Life

$15.40 USD

Apex 3 Minute Pot Epoxy (non-UV stable)

Is a versatile and fast-curing material that's perfect for quick projects, what makes this material unique is its incredibly fast curing time. From the moment you mix the resin and hardener, you have a mere three minutes to work with it before it starts to set. This makes it ideal for small projects and those who love quick.

Precision is key when working with fast-curing epoxy. Measure your resin and hardener two parts A Resin with one Part B Hardener accurately to maintain the correct chemical balance for optimal curing.

Once measured, swiftly but thoroughly mix the components together. The clock is ticking, so ensure that the mixture is well-blended to guarantee a successful and even cure the beauty of 3-minute pot epoxy resin lies in its efficiency. Embrace the speed, get creative, and enjoy the instant gratification of seeing your projects come to life in no time!