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Apex Quickset CLEAR Surfboard Epoxy Resin

$15.40 USD

 Apex Quickset clear Surfboard Epoxy Resin: Is a Clear Single-phase resin System  designed for aplications where clarity and fast setting time is important, works well in all fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar reinforcements.

· Marine and hand lamination Projects
· Surfboards and paddleboards
· Excellent UV resistance
· High Strength
· Non-Blush
Viscosity is low enough to allow exceptional wetout at room temperature.

Mix Ratio,
2 Parts Resin To 1 Part Hardener Ratio
by volume
2 A : 1 B
Mix Ratio, by Weight
100 A : 50 B


Fiberglass Source Apex Epoxy is
Formulated and produced in southern California- Made in USA