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Dicaperl Filler

$23.10 USD

Dicaperl is a family of lightweight, hollow glass bubble fillers. Available in a variety of particle size ranges, with or without surface modifications, Dicaperl is a very cost effective density reducing filler for any resin/binder system.

Silane-modified Dicaperl functional fillers substantially reduce weight, reduce shrinkage, improve impact, nailing, stapling, and sanding properties of molded parts. The finest grades are used in RP/Composites including glass fiber reinforced products formed by both spray-up and hand lay-up production processes, where surface detail is critical. The coarser grades are used in cast or molded parts not requiring ultra-fine surface appearance.
Fine particle size, unmodified grades of Dicaperl® are quite effective as thickening, and anti-sag additives in specialty coatings. The coarser grades are used to produce texture and acoustical coating mixes, block filler paints, etc.
Dicaperl® products are available in a range of densities, degrees of whiteness and strengths to suit most formulating requirements. Two proprietary coating processes are used, resulting in two distinct series of products, the standard “10 Series” and the high performance “20 Series”.
GLASS BUBBLES: Lightweight glass microspheres for sandable high build rough faring and filling operations.
Will leave a porous surface that must be primered. Reduces cracking and shrinkage. Economical resin extender