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General Purpose Laminating Resin

$57.20 USD

 General Purpose Laminating Polyester Resin, cures at room temperature with the addition of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) catalyst.

This resin is air-inhibited which means it will cure to a tacky finish not requiring sanding between layers, because the layers adhere to each other better and should not be used as a final coat unless measures are taken to seal out the air during the curing process. This resin is designed to  be use for initial coats or for multiple layers with fiberglass cloth or mat. "wax additive" is needed to make a fully cured sand-able finish coat.

General Purpose Laminating Polyester Resin is recommended for applications hand lay -up or spray-up operations, is designed to have excellent performance in all areas in open mold and boat-building for use both above and below the water line. This resin delivers just the right balances improving productivity without sacrificing overall physical properties, balances solid performance with optimized cost efficiencies.

  • Enhaced Applications
  • Fast Glass Fiber Wet-out
  • User Frendly Processing
  • Very Good Flex-Fatigue Properties
  • Good Through Cure
  • Boat MACT Compliant

Catalyst sold separately CLICK HERE 
Catalyst mixing chart CLICK HERE