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General Purpose Polyester Laminating Resin




AROPOL L 65332 Series General Purpose Marine Laminating Resin

AROPOL L 65332 Series resins are ISO/DCPD based, promoted and thixotropic polyester resin intented for use in general use purpose marine laminating.AROPOL L 65332 resin are designed to have excellent performance in all areas in open mold boat-building. AROPOL L 65332 balances solid performance with optimized cost efficiencies. AROPOL resin delivers just the right balances to boat builders improving productivity without sacrificing overall physical properties.

  • Enhaced Applications
  • Fast Glass Fiber Wet-out
  • User Frendly Processing
  • Very Good Flex-Fatigue Properties
  • Good Through Cure
  • Boat MACT Compliant
Recommended Product AROPOL L 65332 series resin are recommended for marine applications that
Aplications require low HAP contente for hand lay -up or spray-up operations for use both above and below the water line.
Note: Catalyst sold separately

Silmar S 249A is the primary surfboard laminating resin used by the surfboard manufacturing industry worldwide. Silmar S 249A is low viscosity for easy wet out, cures water-white and contains ultra violet inhibitors for a long-lasting surfboard.

Silmar S 249A has been the best-selling surfboard resin in the world with a sales volume that exceeds all other resin competitors combined. Silmar 249A was developed in 1961, in Hawthorne, California.

Our General Use “Aropol” laminating polyester resin is a premium quality orthophthalic laminating resin. It is designed to cure with a tacky surface which enables a better bonding between layers and eliminates the need for sanding between resin coats. General Use laminating polyester resin cures at room temperature with the addition of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) catalyst. Our General Use laminating polyester resin is versatile and can be used in hand and spray lay-ups.