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ES G200-6 Gel Coat & Resin External Mix Cup Gun

$350.90 USD

This unique sprayer works just like the G100, but features external mix for the catalyst. Designed for use with MEKP, it is designed with a separate adjustment for catalyst volume, giving a typical range of between ½ and 4%. Using the same nine different nozzles allows for the spraying of a wide variety of materials. This gun is perfect for the smaller user who may spray part of his material, stop spraying, and re- start spraying shortly after. The G200 comes with the FN6 nozzle for spraying most gel coats. Also included is a micron gauge, nozzle cleaning brush, plastic cup liner, plastic and paper cups. This gun is slightly easier to clean than the G100 because no pre-catalyzed material comes in contact with the nozzle or lid. The 3.5oz catalyst container is easy to refill and inexpensive to replace. G200 is an excellent alternative to the G100 for testing of different materials.