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Gelcoat Compound #6

$64.95 USD

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Gel Coat Compound is a VOC compliant, water-based emulsion product, making it the perfect compound for marine and industrial applications. This easyto- use and easy-to-clean-up formula significantly reduces manufacturing and buffing time. It removes P800 or finer dual action sand scratches and P1000 or finer wet sand scratches. Gel Coat Compound quickly leaves a deep high gloss finish, without the use of waxes, silicones or fillers.
Shake well before using. Do not apply in sunlight or on warm surfaces. Apply a 2” dab of Gel Coat Compound for a 2’x2’ section and spread with the cutting
pad. Buff at a medium speed (1800 to 2600 rpm). Work the buffer side to side slowly, and front to rear, until most of the product is gone and gloss appears. Add more Gel Coat Compound and repeat, if necessary, to remove deep scratches. Remove compound splatter as soon as possible with a soft, damp cloth. Types,
manufacturing methods and curing processes for gel coats may vary. Always follow manufacturer’s directions.
· Water-based emulsion formula
cuts fast and finishes clean
· Contains no fillers, waxes or
· Removes P800 and finer dual
action sand scratches or P1000
and finer wet sand scratches
· Designed specifically for marine
and industrial applications.
For best results, use a white wool pad.