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Medium FlexPad Sanding Pad

$33.00 USD

Medium Density Foam : The medium density foam pad is our most versatile pad. Use it between the orange Hard and the yellow Soft pad. Considered by some to be a good all around sanding pad. Operate this pad at 2800 RPM.


The standard Flexpad hub , is a 5/8-11 female thread which is usually used in the United States and on American made machines.8 inch Flexpad is the standard size used in the Surfboard Industry for sanding surfboards. With a bigger area, the 8 inch pad covers more area when sanding. Making large jobs faster to complete .


The 6 inch FlexPad offers a smaller area to sand with. Excellent for ding repair or sanding around fins. With the smaller surface area of the 6 inch pad, you can use it in tighter areas when you wouldn’t normally be able to use a 8 inch flexpad.