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FlexPad Sanding Pad Soft Density- Yellow/White

$36.30 USD

Soft density Yellow/White foam : When sanding with this pad, the cutting areas is transferred out more towards the edge of the pad versus the larger contact area of the All yellow Pad. Because the White top has a more rigid foam top, the cutting edge therefore is supported more towards the outside of the pad. Because of this reduced cutting area when sanding, you don’t need to place as much pressure on the outside of the pad to sand scratches out.

  • Soft Density(Yellow/White foam) 
  • Cloth Face
  • 5/8-11 Hub (American Machines)
  • Max RPM Suggested 1750

8 inch Flexpad is the standard size used in the Surfboard Industry for sanding surfboards. With a bigger area, the 8 inch pad covers more area when sanding. Making large jobs faster to complete .

6 inch FlexPad offers a smaller area to sand with. Excellent for ding repair or sanding around fins. With the smaller surface area of the 6 inch pad, you can use it in tighter areas when you wouldn’t normally be able to use a 8 inch flexpad.