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Laminating Surfboard Resin - With Brightener



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SILMAR 249A RESIN WITH BRIGHTENER: Standard Clear Surfboard Laminating Resin with UV Brightener an agent used to make resins appear whiter and brighter.Especially on white surfboards

Silmar 249A is the standard polyester surfboard resin used throughout the industry. Silmar 249A Laminating resin is used for applying the lamination of the surfboard fabric

 Note: "wax additive" is needed to make a fully cured sand-able finish coat.


Silmar S 249A is the primary surfboard laminating resin used by the surfboard manufacturing industry worldwide. Silmar S 249A is low viscosity for easy wet out, cures water-white and contains ultra violet inhibitors for a long-lasting surfboard.

Silmar S 249A has been the best-selling surfboard resin in the world with a sales volume that exceeds all other resin competitors combined. Silmar 249A was developed in 1961, in Hawthorne, California.