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Microtalc MP 30-36 50 Lbs

$86.90 USD

MP 30-36 Microtalc are particulates the size of 3 microns produced from an extensive deposit of high quality talc ore.
Microtalc powder (magnesium Silicate) has a off-white color and can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications including; Plastic & Rubber, Paint & Coatings and adhesives & sealants.
The platy morphology of the talc particles yields a material that improves the weatherability of talc products
The hydrophobic nature of the talc surface contributes to a reduction in moisture pickup in a number of applications. Additionally , due to the softness of talc, wear on processing equipment is reduced.

MP 30-36 Microtalc Bag / 50 lbs Net


Median Particle Size (Microns) : 3.0

Hegman Fineness (Minimum) : 5.0

Dry Brightness : 88

Oil Absorption : 34

Bulk Density(Pounds/ft³) : 16

(gramss/cc) : 0.26

Tap Density (pounds/ft³) : 34.7

(grams/cc) : 0.56

pH : 8.8

Specific Gravity : 2.8

Bulking Value : 23.3