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Gal Jug 900 Catalyst 8 Lbs Net (Faster)

$53.90 USD

Catalyst or MEKP is the most commonly used resin accelerator to help the curing process. Typically used at 1% percent by volume in resin Example:100oz of resin 1oz of catalyst.

Polyester resin is a 1-part system meaning it is designed to cure without any thing added the problem is that it would take months to cure, catalyst helps accelerate this process in a matter of minutes.

Catalyst Usage Chart Click Here

Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide also known as MEKP, catalyst or hardener, is a chemical that is added to polyester and vinyl resins to initiate a cured product. When MEKP is mixed with the resin, the resulting chemical reaction causes heat to build up and cure or harden the polyester resin. MEKP is required with all polyester resins, gel coats and vinyl ester resin.


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