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USC SPECIAL LITE 15310 Body Filler Gallon

$40.70 USD

A creamy body filler with a smooth texture that proves easy-to-spread and sand. The resulting surface is smooth with an ultra-fine featheredge. Made for vertical surfaces (thanks to a non-sag formula). Tack and clog-free.

Suggested Use(s)
Use for filling and repair of minor body work up to 1/4" deep, such as dents, dings, hail damage and small holes. Can be used on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, other body fillers, 2K primers, aged and sanded OEM topcoats and SMC for cosmetic repairs, and galvanized and other zinc-treated steel. May be topcoated with finishing glaze/putty, polyester, 2K urethane and 1K primer.

Mix Ratio
2% by weight (50:1 ratio) with supplied cream hardener

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