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Fiberglass Surfboard Polish #2

$13.19 USD

Fiberglass Surfboard Polish 2  Surluster 

 Formulated specifically for polishing fiberglass surfaces, also provides excellent results on gel coat and some paint finishes.Good to be Used after 800 Grit sanding Marks. test  small area  for compatibility before proceeding.


1. Before sanding, inspect surface for defects, repair or redo as required.(There is not substitute for proper of gloss coat.

2  Wet sand surface to be polished to remove minor irregularities. Begin sanding with the fines grit of wet-dry paper  able to accomplish task,220 or 320 grit. Use rubber sanding block and proceed progressively(400 grit ,500 grit, 600 grit to finer grits, Thoroughly remove scratch-sanding marks of prior grit as you progress. Use abundant water(a couple drops of dish washing soap helps) to maintain a clean surface.For optimum results sand to 800 or 1000 grit.(There is no substitute for proper sanding. No amount of buffing can remove deep sanding scratches, clean and inspect  surface  before proceeding.) 

3 To polish, apply a small amount of surfboard polish #2 to the surface with a small paintbrush. about seven dabs over an area about two square feet. With a polishing pad on a polisher an 1800 to 2500 RPM air or electric polisher provides best results.Keep polisher moving to avoid heat build up and possible burn through.Clean pad regularly, Continue polishing process until surface is clear and dry. Wipe off excess dust. (4) Stand back and relish the magic you have accomplished.

Fiberglass Surfboard Polish #2  Surluster Is a USA Original Made Product Pre-mixed at our Huntington Beach California Store Where The shine shows on every little drop we Mix.

Surfboard Polish #2 is available

1 Gallon Container

5 Gallon Container