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UV Cure - Surfboard Laminating Resin

$85.80 USD

Silmar 249A Clear Resin + UV Cure

UV Cure Resin Laminating Resin is designed to cure once exposed to sunlight, MEKP catalyst can also be added to assist cure under laminates that may block UV rays, such as logos or fin boxes.

This resin is air-inhibited which means it will cure to a tacky finish not requiring sanding between layers, because the layers adhere to each other better and should not be used as a final coat unless measures are taken to seal out the air during the curing process. This resin is designed to  be use for initial coats or for multiple layers with fiberglass cloth or mat. "wax additive" is needed to make a fully cured sand-able finish coat.

Catalyst sold separately CLICK HERE 
Catalyst mixing chart CLICK HERE


Silmar® brand SIL66 resins are the most widely used resin for surfboard manufacturing and hand laminating in the industry. In fact, they are sold throughout the world. These resins feature low color (almost water clear) and excellent UV-resistance (UV-stabilized). They have remarkable stability for consistent viscosity and excellent wet out and gel times. All contain Silmar’s proprietary promoter package designed for surfboard production and room temperature cure.


Our SIL66BQ-249A has been the best-selling surfboard resin in the world with a sales volume that exceeds all other resin competitors combined. In 1961, in Hawthorne, California the Beach Boys developed their unique and lasting Surfing sound. The unique and lasting quality of our SIL66BQ-249A was also developed in Hawthorne, California, that same year, at the Silmar® facility where Interplastic continues to make the SIL66 family of resins. In 2021, Interplastic celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Silmar® brand resins, still the best-selling resin for traditional surfboards.

The SIL66 product range consists of: