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UV Cure Surfboard Sanding Resin

$16.50 USD

UV Cure Sanding Resin (Silmar 250A) is designed to cure once exposed to sunlight, MEKP catalyst can also be added to assist cure under laminates that may block UV rays, such as logos or fin boxes.

Silmar 250A is the standard Sanding surfboard resin used for the final coat on surfboards.This resin cures with a hard, nontacky surface, contains wax and Must be sanded before applying any additional coats.

When the catalyzed resin is applied as a final coat to the laminate coats of resin, the wax rises to the top, sealing off the air and allows the resin to cure to a hard finish, which can then be sanded, painted or gel-coated.

NOTE: Cannot be used on surfaces like metal, Plastic, redwood and/or close-grained woods like oak or cedar. 

Catalyst sold separately CLICK HERE 
Catalyst mixing chart CLICK HERE