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1708 Double Bias +45°/-45° 50″ Wide

$17.60 USD

1708 Double Bias +45°/ -45° E-Glass fiberglass Material 
consists of a 17 oz cloth stitch-bonded to a 3/4 oz. mat on the back.
Total Weight: 26.02 oz/sq.yd / 882 g/sq.m

This construction offers off-axis reinforcement without the need to rotate other materials on a bias. Double Bias offers superior structural performance in applications subject to extreme shear and torsion stress. These properties are ideal for applications such as wind blades, marine panels, and snowboards. These fabrics offer improved conformability over biaxial fabrics yet maintain comparable laminate properties, making them ideal for placement within complex parts. 

1708 Double Bias E-Glass fiberglass Material  combines  equal amounts of continuous fiber oriented in the +45°/ -45° directions into a single fabric.
Save time, Save labor Stitch mat two layers in one is Fabricated with the highest Quality Composites Materials to provide the best results.
Commonly used in boats, Floors ,Trucks, Fiberglass Craft.Compatible with Polyester & Vynilester Resins

Less than 10 Yards Will ship Folded